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Board of Directors, Program Directors & Global Management

Board of Directors

EMN Corporation EMN Corporation, USA - Global Directors of EMN
Neirly Forjeit Mr. Neirly Forjeit, Global
Director - Global Business Development HR
Clarence Joner Mr. Clarence Joner UK, Europe
Director - Business Development Strategy 
Govert Derks Mr. Govert Derks
Director, Head - Mergers & Acquisitions
Alain de Vera Mr. Alain de Vera
Director, Head - Corporate Finance
Urs Niederberger Mr. Urs Niederberger
Regional Head - Corporate Finance
Wolfgang Braun Mr. Wolfgang Braun
Supporting Corporate Finance
Antoine Moser Mr.Antoine Moser
Cross Border Acquisitions
Dermot Grant Mr.Dermot Grant
Fund Raising - M&A
Anna Daroy Ms.Anna Daroy
Strategic Advisory - Nasdaq
Keith Elliot Mr.Keith Elliot
Technology M&A

Partner Program Global Operations Management

Sarah Collins Mrs. Sarah Collins
Partner Alliance Programs Global Services Asia / Pacific Region
Rober Blunt Mr. Rober Blunt
Global BD Manager
Jenson Rebeiro Mr. Jenson Rebeiro
Project Manager - EMN
Mr.Santhosh Kumar Mr.Santhosh Kumar
Manager - BD / Partner Database
• 1,426 Business Development
• 126 Profit Center
• 65 Vice President
• 39 Country Head General Managers
• Registered ISVs/OEMs
• Registered MNCs / Government Institutions
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