Benefits and Resources

Use EMN Partner benefits to help increase your profits.

As a global leader, we build lasting and high impact relationships with the people we serve and the communities we touch.

EMN Corporate Responsibility Program

Our corporate responsibility practices are tightly integrated with our culture and business and fall into six categories:

  • Our Shareholders

    Our trusted relationships and our business are built on uncompromised integrity and dedication to the highest ethical standards.

  • Our Clients

    We serve a wide range of companies in many different vertical markets, including over half of the Fortune 50.

  • Our People

    As a global company, our relationships with our employees are built on trust and a sincere respect for the individual.

  • Our Communities

    EMN supports specific, localized giving programs in countries in which we operate.

  • Our Environment

    Our working environments are designed to optimize performance and efficiency while reducing energy consumption, waste and pollution.

  • Our Business Partners

    We set clear expectations with business partners across our entire supply chain.

EMN is honoured by its membership in the Calvert Social Index since 2002, and the KLD Domini 400 Social Index since 2007, both financial funds comprised of socially-responsible companies that select their members based upon a number of important factors including corporate citizenship and environmental impact.

EMN Volunteerism and Corporate Giving

EMN is committed to improving the quality of life in communities around the world where our employees live and work. Corporate citizenship is one of our core values that is proudly embraced by our employees. EMN' Community Action Network promotes employee volunteerism around the world, and the company funds select charitable programs annually through its EMN Foundation. We have been internationally recognized for our strong commitment to social responsibility.

EMN has Hospitals, Orphan Schools and donate millions of dollars to the NGO & to the community welfare government agencies

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